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V-Kool Heat Control Films

At Infinite Tint, we are constantly expanding our product line to fit your needs. Our newest product line is V-Kool heat reduction film. 

Beautiful windows and views, as well as plenty of natural light, are an important part of your home or business. But the summer sun raging through them can cause heat to build, driving up air conditioning costs, and driving away customers.

The villain is infra-red heat.

In combination with ultraviolet radiation, it is also responsible for fading expensive furnishings.

Until recently, there was very little you could do to protect yourself from infra-red.

Curtains and drapes can absorb these rays causing loss of sunlight and fading, but heat still gets through.
Covering windows with dark tints or reflective glass forces you to compromise the integrity of your home or business’s architectural design.

Finally, you can enjoy natural sunlight in your home or business without all of that heat, thanks to
V-Kool heat reduction films.

V-Kool blocks out the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays and strong infra-red heat. But just because V-Kool blocks out the bad stuff does not mean it blocks out the good stuff, too.
Unlike tints and screens, V-Kool lets more than 70% of sunlight into your home. V-Kool comes in shades from 40% to 75%, allowing you a range of options and keeping the natural light in your home or office.

To learn more about V-Kool, visit their website:,
or stop by our shop for information and a demostration!

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