Infinite Tint

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of window films out there. Which one is right for you? What does window film do? Read below for more information, or ask one of our sales reps for help in choosing just which film to install.
  1. What is window film?
    Window film is a layer of plastic film applied to your windows, that offers a number of different effects, including glare reduction, heat control, privacy, safety, UV protection and more, depending on the film you choose.
  2. Does the film block UV?
    All of our window films block 99.9% of UV rays, which helps protect your furniture, carpeting, hardwood floors and more from fading. It also protects YOU from harmful UV rays you may not realize you are being exposed to.
  3. Are there different shades?
    Yes! We offer films from total black out to completely clear and everything in between. You can pick the shade that is right for you. We also have bronze film to give your windows a unique look to match your home or office's decor.
  4. Can window film strengthen a window?
    Yes - we offer special safety & security films that can strengthen your windows, protecting you and your valuables. These films are completely clear and can withstand everything from a hammer strike to a small bomb blast!
  5. Is there a film that can bring my window up to code?
    Yes - if you've recently done a renovation and learned your windows are not to code, but don't want to lose those original farm house windows or pay the cost of total window replacements, we can help.
  6. I need logos for my business; do you do that?
    Yes - we can add custom logos to your windows. Whether you want a logo cut into frosted film or a full color vinyl logo applied, we can help. We can also do house or building numbers, hours of operation, entrance/exit signs, & more!
  7. My house/office gets too hot; can you help?
    Yes - we have films that block infrared rays, which carry the sun's heat. This reduces the amount of radiant heat entering through your windows, keeping the space cooler. These films come in many shades, so you can pick how much visible light you want as well.
  8. Do you do custom prints and patterns?
    Yes - we work with experts in the window film industry that can produce nearly any pattern you need. You can supply a high resolution digital file for us to work with, or we can help create one specific to your needs.
  9. Is there a warranty?
    Yes - all of our films are warrantied, as is the installation. We guarantee our installation for one year. Residential films carry a lifetime warranty on the film, while commercial films carry a 10 year warranty. Ask your sales rep for more information.
  10. Is the film installed inside or outside?
    Most films are installed from the inside of your windows, though certain exterior films are available as well. Your sales rep will help pick the film that is best suited to your needs.
  11. How do I care for my windows now? Is there a special product?
    For the most part, your windows will not need any special care. You may have to change the type of cleaner you use, as ammonia in cleaners like Windex degrade the film. Our installers will go over how to care for your windows upon completion.
  12. Are you insured? How much experience do you have?
    Yes - we are fully insured. We have been working in the window film industry for nearly 20 years, and have been trained and certified by some of the industry's leading manufacturers.